What’s In Them

Each of our skis consist of an aspen/poplar core 1-2 layers of fiberglass, 2-4 layers carbon fiber, uhmw sidewalls, a 2 mm edge, a diecut base, vibration absorbing tip/tail base metal with diecuts and a  transparent nylon topsheet over the top carbon fiber layer. The varied layups allow us to give our customers the flex they seek to fit their skiing style.  Feel free to give us a shout and we’ll tell you what we mean.

What That Means

Every Bro Model ski is constructed using the very best component parts.  This attention to detail makes our skis uniquely lightweight yet damp as we balance composite materials, weaves and weights to maximize performance and durability in ways  no other company does, yet many strive to emulate.  PM Gear has been manufacturing full hybrid fiberglass/carbon fiber skis longer than anyone we know of. Our extensive eight years of R&D on these skis has culminated in responsiveness that is unparalleled, smoothness on snow not expected from carbon fiber skis and perfection in details that make skiing the Bro Models pure pleasure whether you just cruise the groomers or want to jump off cliffs at high speed.

Ski Construction

Ski Cut

  1. Isosport nylon topsheet.
  2. Composite layer – these layer consists of Vectorply fiberglass and Hexcel carbon fiber in the hybrid model and various combinations of Hexcel carbon fiber in the pure carbon fiber models.
  3.  Aspen/Poplar wood core – these woods are lightweight and high performance woods that help our skis attain the attributes skiers love.
  4. UHMW sidewalls.
  5.  2 mm edges.
  6. Isosport diecut base
  7. Elastomeric polymer rubber for bonding and damping