Bro Model 192

The 192 Bro Model is the big toy for big boys (and girls, of course). These planks have become the darling of IFSA competitors for many reasons. It’s the ski that can do eighty miles an hour like it’s nothing. It will air sixty feet to bottomless pow and send you out of a cloud standing tall and hauling ass. It will bite ice, trounce crud and basically kill anything that gets in it’s way.

It will do all this while skiing like our 179 Bro. That’s because the 179 was proportionately blown up to create the 192 Bro Model and retain all the special properties and characteristics that make the 179 Bro so sweet. It does just that. Quick, lively and snappy, but stable and smooth with a touch of gnarl, the 192 Bro outperforms the XXL and every other ski it’s size. And it weighs less than five pounds per ski. You’d never think a ski this big could be so light and responsive. But it most certainly is. We don’t do this ski in soft – it just wasn’t made to be skied lightly. We make your 192 in a flex that is slightly softer than our competitor model, which is stiff.

We make it in a carbon fiber/fiberglass matrix that brings the weight in at under five pounds per ski, almost unheard of for skis half the width. People are astounded when they pick up the carbon model, but far more astounded when they ski it. We hope it becomes the biggest AT ski in the world, given its size and light weight.


Effective Edge
Tip Height
Tail Height
Mounting Point From Tip
192 1602 143 114 132 85 25 35 1050