Lhasa Pow Fat

We fattened the dimensions the Lhasa Pows for 2015, included the composite upgrades made on the standard Lhasas and added more rubber to dampen the ride. With increased float and deep snow performance, the 186 and 191 Fats scream in deeper conditions and windblown powder that are too much for the average ski.

The 191 Fats will rip a rail in ice, then rage across the mountain through every possible condition.With an additional 1.5 mm width in the tail over the standard 191 Lhasa Pow, tail grab on hard surfaces is enhanced for better edge bite while the ski maintains the ability to release on demand in soft snow. This ski carves in any condition with predictable ease in handling and mind blowing performance.

The 186 Lhasa Pow Fats will float the deepest pow anywhere with a tip, body and tail comprising the most maneuverable shape on the planet.  Modeled 1 cm wider all the way around the standard 186 Lhasa Pow shape, this ski is the answer for dedicated powder devotees.  The 186 Lhasa, whether the standard 140/112/120 dimensions or the 150/122/130 width of the 186 Fat, is the one ski that is so easy and comfortable in soft snow – from cake, to slurpee, to pow – you’ll actually feel like you could have a cup of coffee and read the paper while descending your favorite run.


Effective Edge
Tip Height
Tail Height
Mounting Point From Tip
186 1520 150 122 130 85 20 34 1040
191 1280 146 118 128 85 20 35 1045